Comments from the Department Head, Family & Consumer Sciences

Dr. Marilyn Corbin

Our Home Page for this month has expanded further with additional publications, and links to almost every State Extension Service in the country. That means you now have access to a broad-base of research-based information from the land-grant university system. This month you can link to our unique Food and Nutrition resource notebook which has an answer for many common as, well as, unusual food, nutrition and food safety questions.

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Marilyn Corbin
Assistant Director/Department Head


Carolyn Lackey, Department Extension Leader/Food and Nutrition Specialist, and Susan Baker, Extension Associate, Food and Nutrition Special Projects have secured from the USDA Food and Consumer Service $l,000,000 for the “Out to Lunch” educational program designed for limited-resource families receiving food stamps.

Carol Schwab, Extension Family Resource Management Specialist; Mitch Renkow, Ellen Miller, Extension Assistant, Clothing; Judy Mock, Department Extension Leader; Angie Fraser, Food Safety Specialist, and Jan Lloyd, Family Resource Management Specialist, have received $12,022 from the NCCES Community and Rural Development Program to fund Extension Program Support for Small Business.

Day Care Services Association has awarded $l5,000 to the Department to conduct training for day care providers in the Northeastern District of North Carolina.

JoAnn Williams, Family and Consumer Education Agent, Duplin County Extension Center, has received $54,000 for the continuance of the Duplin County EFNEP Breastfeeding and Teen Pregnancy Program.

As project directors, Barbara Garland, Extension Rural Health Coordinator, and Sharon Rowland, 4-H Specialist, received $l50,000 to provide coordination for the National Network for Health. Barbara will be responsible for the Evaluation Component. Twenty-two universities are collaborating on this project to make quality research, resources, data bases, and best practices available nationally in the health area through the CYFERNET.

Jan Lloyd has received a $20,000 subcontract from the University of California Extension-the United States Marine Corp. to provide curriculum support in family financial management especially for decision-making when purchasing a car.


The North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service has recently provided leadership for several innovative partnerships that are changing the way Extension programs operate and secure scarce resources to meet the needs of children, youth and their families.

The National Cooperative Extension System’s Children, Youth and Family at Risk (CYFAR) Network is the Cooperative Extension System’s response to pervasive conditions placing children and their families at risk of not meeting basic physical and social needs or developing necessary competencies for full participation in life. Under CYFAR, five national Extension-based networks are addressing issues relating to child care, health, family resiliency, collaboration and science and technology. The networks consist of linkages among land grant institutions partnering nationwide with local communities. In addition to serving as collaborative partners, North Carolina Extension personnel are providing leadership to and fiscal oversight to the child care and health networks.

Each individual network is charged with collaboratively designing educational programs, creating public awareness, and disseminating information to all states to support local communities efforts to ensure safe, secure, healthy environments for families with children. Locally, Extension State Strengthening Projects support communities organizing to meet the needs of children and families. The networks provide the means for using public dollars efficiently to leverage funds locally. An electronic network offers national communication and sharing to occur among professionals and a managed database of peer-reviewed documents on the GOPHER and WWW available via INTERNET (



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