Recent Developments

  • Housing and House Furnishings
  • Human Development

Housing and House Furnishings

Each year the Chicago Title and Trust Co. ranks the country’s housing markets by using a residential growth ratio (the ratio of new housing units per every 100 existing homes). According to a study, Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham in North Carolina ranked 7th and 10th, respectively, in the nation for fastest-growing U.S. Housing markets in 1996. Naples, Florida led the nation. In the category of fastest growing states, North Carolina ranked 7th in the nation, behind Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Georgia, Colorado, and Idaho (in that order). Oregon, Florida, and South Carolina completed the top ten.

Source: Builder, January 1998, Volume 21, No. 1

Contributed by: Sarah D. Kirby, Housing Specialist, North Carolina State University.

Human Development

A national study found that grandparents who provide primary care for a grandchild are almost twice as likely as other grandparents to have high levels of depressive symptoms. Most at-risk for depression among grandparent caregivers were new caregivers, those in poor health, younger respondents, and women.

Source: Minkler, M. et al. (1997). Depression in grandparents raising grandchildren: Results of a national longitudinal study. Archives of Family Medicine. 6(5), 445-452.

Contributed by: Luci Bearon, Adult Development/Aging Specialist, North Carolina State University.

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