Letters to the Editor

Volume 6, No. 2, Spring 2001

Dear Ms. Schwab:

Recently I came across the article, “Family and Consumer Sciences and Schools — a perfect partnership for parent education,” found in the Summer 2000 issue of The Forum. As a result of reading the article, I forwarded a copy to Brunswick County’s school system social worker because she is in direct contact with each of the county schools. She forwarded it to all of the county’s principals. Yesterday, I received a call from a Parent Facilitator who was interested in finding out more about the program, “Kindergartners are Special: Handle with Care.” Unfortunately, I do not have any information regarding this program other than that which was highlighted in The Forum article. Because there is an expressed interest in this curriculum, I would like to know how I can obtain a copy so that we can assess the relevance of this program to the particular needs and interests of the parent audience at this school. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

In future issues, please keep the highlights on parenting education coming!

Stephanie T. Jones, parent educator, Bolivia, North Carolina.

Dear Ms. Jones:

Thank you for your interest in our on-line journal, The Forum for Family and Consumer Issues. For more information about the program “Kindergartners are Special: Handle With Care,” you may contact the author, Marilou Rochford, rochford@aesop.rutgers.edu. I am certain that she will welcome your interest. If you have any other questions, please let me know.

Carol A. Schwab, Editor, FFCI

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Dear Ms. Schwab:

Where can you obtain the “Baby Think It Over Program“™ ? I have a teen pregnant daughter who needs to learn the realities of raising a child so she can make an intelligent decision about keeping the baby or putting him up for adoption. Thanks in advance.

Judy M., Internet request, origin unknown.

Dear Judy M.:

One of the authors, Candy Underwood, informs me that the Baby Think It Over Program™ has a Web site. The address is http://www.btio.com and the phone number is 1-715-830-2040 or 1-800-830-1416. Good luck in helping your daughter make a difficult decision.

Carol A. Schwab, Editor, FFCI




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