The Forum papers generally present new and unique applied research and programming that improve people’s health and quality of life.  This issue of The Forum includes a variety of applied research topics from looking at the value of service learning for students to discussing the effects of various couple and relationship education curricula on male participants and the implications for use by Extension educators.  Two additional applied research articles involve studies in the nutrition arena and another applied research article discusses an effective fitness program.  The only feature article in this issue shines light on how parents use online resources for parent education information.  We have also included an interesting book review of the book, Free-Range Kids, pointing out the positive role to be taken by parenting professionals in assisting parents in interactions with children.

The above articles show some innovative approaches, techniques and implications and are rich with practical information for use by educators.  In summary, we have topics of interest to a wide variety of Extension and other education professionals.

As always, it is my hope that you will read the articles, apply the information, and enjoy the experience.  

Jacquelyn W. McClelland, Ph.D.

Editor-In-Chief, FFCI



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